UNACEM is recognized as an exemplary company in Latin America by CEMEFI

Unión Andina de Cementos – UNACEM has been recognized for the ninth consecutive year by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy – (CEMEFI, acronym in Spanish) – as an Exemplary Company for its Social Responsibility in Latin America. This recognition was granted for its commitment to the responsible management of the company that has been doing in Peru, being delivered during the X Latin American Meeting of Socially Responsible Companies 2017.

The meeting, held in Mexico, had as its main theme “The CSR 360º – Context, Agenda and Challenges” where the reflections, analysis and a current vision of the latest trends regarding Corporate Social Responsibility were presented, showing the main challenges For the future, in addition to analyzing Latin American business examples.


“This recognition of UNACEM is due to our model of sustainable management with our stakeholders, which establishes a balance between economic profitability, social responsibility and environmental management; developing capacities, strengthening organizations and generating projects to contribute to development, “said Armando Casis, general manager of the UNACEM Association.

It should be noted that CEMEFI recognized around 19 Latin American companies (outside of Mexico) thanks to the work they have been carrying out under the four parameters that the organization says about Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Ethics, Quality of Life, Community Linkage, Care enviroment.

About Cemefi

The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI, acronym in Spanish) is a civil, private and non-profit association founded in December 1988. Its mission is to promote and articulate the philanthropic, committed and socially responsible participation of citizens and their organizations in order to reach a society More equitable, supportive and prosperous. In 2008, Cemefi instituted the Recognition to Exemplary Companies for its RSE in Latin America with the objective of distinguishing the work that companies are committed to CSR in the region. This recognition is supported by Forum Empresa, which concentrates more than 3,500 organizations and entrepreneurs in Latin America.