“Builders by Nature”, new campaign of Cement Andino Premium

With the aim of highlighting the work of the Peruvian constructors, “Builders by Nature” becomes the new advertising campaign for Cement Andino, Premium product of Unión Andina de Cementos – UNACEM. The campaign recently launched through ATL, BTL and Digital actions, is aimed at the masters of work and their great capacity to construct works of complexity to great heights and in adverse situations.

“With this campaign we seek to enhance Peruvian builders, who together with Cemento Andino build works of greater strength and durability despite the harsh conditions of our geography. In that sense, it is these two characteristics that we have been communicating since the beginning of the brand and that we seek to revotuce to reinforce the positioning of Cemento Andino as the cement of better quality and performance of the market, “said Gabriel Barrio, Sub Marketing Manager of UNACEM.

“Builders by nature” , in the words of Alberto Goachet, Partner and Managing Director of Brands: “Like any creative process, we start with the strategy and objectives of the brand. On this, and having clear the main characteristics of the product and our target audience, we present this campaign that goes hand in hand with the objectives set by UNACEM to always maintain the Premium standard that has been winning the Cemento Andino brand in recent years”.

About the spot

The campaign shows job offers requesting builders for an important work in the Peruvian Andes in locations such as Spain, Germany, Morocco and the Peruvian sierra. These notices resulted in the call of foreign residents, who requested information about the work to be done. Hearing that it was a Hydroelectric (Huanza) at 4,000 m.s.m., foreign workers questioned working conditions and asked about oxygen tanks, even rejecting the offer.

What this notice concealed is that this work was made long ago by Peruvian workers such as Alberto Fabián, a master builder who for six years built the dam with his team, demonstrating the strength and determination of the builders of Peru, called ” Builders by nature “. “It is exciting to have started the work from scratch along with sixty companions, with whom we traveled six hours of road until arriving at Huanza. We got used to the altitude and the cold, and today the result makes us proud. “

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