Cemento Andino Ultra: New premium and antisalitre product of UNACEM


Union Andina de Cemento – recently announced the launch of its new product “Cemento Andino Ultra” , which is part of the Andino brand, the cement’s premium line.

The new Andean Ultra Cement is a specialized cement for buildings exposed to high humidity and nitrate. In addition, it preserves the essential characteristics of the Andean Cement brand, which is the excellent workability and finish, as well as the high strength and durability, being the only cement made with the best raw material, extracted from the Peruvian Andes.

“At UNACEM, we focus on the development of our products to meet the current and future needs of our consumers. This time, we observed that the market demanded a specialized cement that allows the works to remain intact despite the passage of time. This motivated us to produce Andean Cement Ultra, a premium product that contains anti-alitre and anti-humidity properties, “said Gabriel Barrio, Sub Marketing Manager of UNACEM.

With this launch, UNACEM diversifies and strengthens its product portfolio and hopes to become the leader in the segment. “We will begin coverage of Andean Ultra Cement on the Coast, in our field of action, and we expect to be the leaders of the Antisalitre segment at the end of the year,” Barrio said.

For the launch of the new cement Andino Ultra , UNACEM has contemplated a 360 ° advertising campaign developed by the agency Fahrenheit DDB, which aims to publicize the new product as well as its main attributes. Also, continue to highlight the already positioned characteristics of workability, durability and strength, but now with a more specialized product antisalitre.

See the new Cement Andino commercial at: