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Mr. Jaime Raygada Sommerkamp

Mr. Raygada is member of the board since 2014. He is partner and Chairman of Caral, a residential developer and construction group. He is also an independent director in boards such as PECSA (Energy) and Redondos (Food), among others. Previously, he was CEO for Procter & Gamble Peru and Bolivia. He has also served as Chairman at the American Chamber of Commerce, Director at the Instituto Peruano de Acción Empresarial (IPAE), the Asociación Nacional de Anunciantes (ANDA) and Enseña Perú, among others. Mr. Raygada is an economist from the Universidad del Pacifico, has an MBA from Northern Illinois University and has completed the Corporate Directors Program at Harvard Business School (2015) and the Corporate Governance Program at the University of Piura (2013).