• UNACEM_logo senal de vidaThe app does not require Internet connection or telephone signal to operate after an earthquake.
  • The app has been developed by Peruvians working for the Circus Grey agency.

Considering that our country is located in a highly seismic zone and we are permanently exposed to telluric movements, UNACEM is making available to all Peruvians the mobile app SEÑAL DE VIDA (SIGN OF LIFE), the only one worldwide that does not require internet connection or telephone signal to operate after an earthquake and which would help in locating more people immediately after such an event.

The new app allows users to create a group of 10 close contacts and obtain through GPS and Internet connection, the exact location they were at up to six minutes before the earthquake. The great advantage of “Señal de Vida” is that it will provide the information even if the GPS and the Internet stop working.

“At UNACEM, we focus our efforts in contributing to the well-being of our society and the sector we participate in. While we already promote to the professionalization of construction practices by offering free training to construction foremen and working on social infrastructure with our communities, it is a fact that there are still in Lima zones and buildings that are highly vulnerable to seismic action. In this regard, together with Circus Grey, we are placing at the disposal of users this technological tool that will provide a new people location option after an earthquake”, pointed out Kurt Uzátegui, Commercial Manager of UNACEM.

Señal de vida” is an app that will work both in Lima and countrywide. It is expected that more than 7 million Peruvians who already have a smartphone may benefit from this free app.

The report in real time will only activate after the prompt detection of a tremor of at least 4.5 degrees of magnitude, as the app will be interconnected through USGS (United States Geological Survey). After the earthquake, all persons of a previously determined group will immediately receive the latest location of all the members. The geolocation report will remain in effect only for 24 hours”, explained Carlos Tolmos, Creative Director of Circus Grey.

Mr. Tolmos added that the app is very safe because all the data gathered is encrypted and takes into account user privacy policies and privacy rights.

How does it work?

Señal de vida” is developed by the advertising agency Circus Grey. The app is free and will be available for the Android operating system as of May 1 and during the next weeks for IOS. The development of this app took approximately three months.

Technical specifications

  • The use of “Señal de vida” only requires that the user has an email and/or a Facebook account.
  • Data consumption: 2 MB per month.
  • App weight: 20 MB.