UNACEM donates cement for new National Police Force –PNP facilities in VMT

With the contribution of the Municipality of Villa María del Triunfo UNACEM, the Civic Committee and other local participants, new facilities were built for the Emergency South 2 Department, located in Villa María del Triunfo, which will accommodate up to 120 new members.

The Project consisted in the construction of a third floor, totaling 234 m2, to be used as bedrooms for the PNP Officers, making it possible to increase its number to 120 new police officers for the fight against crime in the South of Lima.

“Thousands of soles have been invested here and not one of them has been paid by the State; this work was carried out by administration. I congratulate the members of the Police Force for this initiative; it is not easy for any police unit to have such facilities. It is the result of joint efforts,” emphasized PNP Colonel Julio Días Zulueta, Chief of the 2nd Land Division South (DIVTER Sur 2).

It is worth mentioning that this police unit received the award as best DEPEME of Metropolitan Lima in 2016 for having minimized and even stopped the crime incidence in South Lima.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility organization, Asociación UNACEM, UNACEM confirms its commitment to improving the infrastructure of the local institutions and neighboring communities.

Infraestructura PNPInfraestructura PNP 2