UNACEM has two Peruvian brands considered to be of the greatest value

For the fifth year in a row, the renowned branding specialist Kantar Millward Brown publicized its ranking of “The 50 most valued brands in Latin America for 2017,” and for the third time in the Peruvian ranking, a brand of the construction sector, such as Cemento Sol, is ranked among the Top 10, with a value of US$ 165 million. In addition, for the first time and with a value of US$ 73 million, Cemento Andino ranked 15. Both products belong to the portfolio of UNACEM (Unión de Cementos Lima y Cemento Andino).

This global study is well recognized because it considers the point of view of current and potential clients, as well as the financial results, in order to calculate the value of the most renowned brands worldwide and in Latin America. The total value of the “50 most valuable brands” in 2016 was US$ 103,395 million”.

With regard to Peru, this year the value of the first 10 brands totals US$ 7,520 million in a ranking that mostly featured consumer brands, retailers and financial institutions and which today includes two brands from the construction sector.

“The purchase of materials, among them, cement, is of utmost important, as they will be used to build a house that must last for a lifetime. In this respect, consumers seek trustworthy brands and are willing to make an effort to buy quality products. In turn, the construction of a house is a synonym of progress and success and, therefore, it makes sense for the brand to pursue an emotional connection with consumers that will go beyond the functionality of the product,” pointed out Gabriel Barrio, Deputy Marketing Manager of UNACEM, who was guest speaker as a successful case at the discussion panel of the event, where he spoke about the importance of building brands.

In Peru, Cemento Sol is at the “top of mind” for self-constructors and has more than 96% of numerical distribution in Lima. According to a study conducted by Arellano Marketing, 75% of self-constructors in Lima knows what brands of construction or finishing materials they want to buy before starting to build and with regard to the cement brands they know the most, Cemento Sol achieved 98% of brand awareness. The study also indicates that the most valued characteristics are quality, brand and lasting, over low price.