Sustainable development

Occupational Health and Safety

Our occupational health and safety management system is certified under the ISO 45001 standard, enabling us to: identify the main risks in each area; assess the risks; and carry out a timely management for the prevention and mitigation thereof. This system is based on the development of a risk prevention culture, which seeks to promote the responsible conduct of our employees and contractors with regard to safety.

We have strengthened our commitment to improve our safety practices. We know that this is a long-term task, but we remain firm in our efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of all of our employees.

With this purpose in mind, we are currently in the process of strengthening our security and health at work management through the implementation of preventive and reactive measures to protect the health and wellbeing of all our employees, as well as other personnel working at our facilities, in the following areas:

  • General and specific training for all employees, based on their level of exposure on the job.
  • Compliance with the training program for our emergency response brigades and verification of this training by our contractors.
  • Motivation of personnel in their compliance with safety standards, through the leadership of the heads of the operating areas.
  • Audits of all our contractors, verifying their compliance with legal and internal standards on occupational health and safety.