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Where can we buy UNACEM cements?

Find our cements at more than 350 points of sale in the Progre-Sol hardware store network and through our authorized distributors in Lima and provinces.

Consult your nearest Progre-Sol

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How much should a bag of cement weigh?

According to Peruvian Technical Standard 334.090, the net contents of a bag of cement should be 42.5 Kg. Unfortunately, some people illegally remove cement from the bags and sell them at a lower price.

Our cements meet the standards and weigh the exact amount.

What cement types does UNACEM offer and what are their advantages?

Our product portfolio is made up of:

Cemento Andino – Portland Tipo I

For the highest long-term strength and durability, better workability and better finish; a traditional premium cement.

Cemento Sol – Portland Tipo I

The market leader and UNACEM’s best-selling product. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, making it the best-known and most reliable brand in the market, it is also the freshest and most widely available. This is the most widely used cement by builders and self-builders in Peru.

Cemento Andino – Portland Tipo IPM

A hydraulic cement containing pozzolan, its main attribute is its resistance to efflorescence. Aimed at self-builders and builders who need a cement with a competitive price.

Cemento Andino – Portland Tipo IP

This is a pozzolanic cement especially for areas where efflorescence is a problem.

Cemento Andino Tipo V

A specialty high quality cement, used principally where concrete with a high resistance to efflorescence is required.

Cemento Atlas – Portland Tipo IP

A pozzolanic cement. Its characteristics include reduced fissuring during curing and it produces a more impermeable concrete, which considerably improves liquid storage in concrete tanks, irrigation channels, etc.

What standards apply in Peru to cement manufacture?

Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) and the US standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which apply to Portland cement.