Frequently asked questions

What cement types does UNACEM offer and what are their advantages?

Our product portfolio is made up of:

Cemento Andino – Portland Tipo I

For the highest long-term strength and durability, better workability and better finish; a traditional premium cement.

Cemento Sol – Portland Tipo I

The market leader and UNACEM’s best-selling product. Backed by more than 40 years of experience, making it the best-known and most reliable brand in the market, it is also the freshest and most widely available. This is the most widely used cement by builders and self-builders in Peru.

Cemento Andino – Portland Tipo IPM

A hydraulic cement containing pozzolan, its main attribute is its resistance to efflorescence. Aimed at self-builders and builders who need a cement with a competitive price.

Cemento Andino – Portland Tipo IP

This is a pozzolanic cement especially for areas where efflorescence is a problem.

Cemento Andino Tipo V

A specialty high quality cement, used principally where concrete with a high resistance to efflorescence is required.

Cemento Atlas – Portland Tipo IP

A pozzolanic cement. Its characteristics include reduced fissuring during curing and it produces a more impermeable concrete, which considerably improves liquid storage in concrete tanks, irrigation channels, etc.