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Progresol: hardware store network

Successful independent hardware stores with a high turnover have been added to the Progresol hardware store network since 2008.  The purpose of Progresol is to encourage a sustainable commercial relationship throughout the value chain, from factory to point of sale.

Currently Progresol has a network of more than 1000 hardware stores and is the largest in the country. As a result of the recent merger the Progresol network has seen the addition of more than 40 distributors for the Condorcocha plant, increasing the number of points of sale and the network’s national coverage.

The Progresol Network, also supplies more than 6,500 independent hardware stores in all of UNACEM’s areas of influence, whether in Metropolitan Lima or outside the capital, as well as construction workers, brick layers and self-builders.

More information at:  www.progresol.com.pe