About Us

Code of Ethics and Conduct

It describes the minimum standards of conduct that must be applied by all of us who make up UNACEM: employees, customers, suppliers and all those who wish to establish a relationship with the company.
The CODEC seeks to create a solid organizational culture that prevails in each of our decisions and that characterizes us as a human group. Likewise, it allows us to strengthen our reputation and that of our strategic allies within the framework of a virtuous and long-term relationship.

Download the CODEC here.
Download the Anti-Corruption Policy here.

Channels for inquiries and complaints about ethical conflicts:

  • Website: www.lineaetica.pe
  • Email: eticagrupounacem@pwc.com
  • Toll free: 0800-18422 / 211-6534 / 211-6531

For more information check the following video.