Sustainable development


At UNACEM, we are committed to carrying out our business with responsibility and respect for our surroundings, allowing us to grow as a company and create value for our stakeholders. It is for this reason that we promote social investment projects for the development of our communities in South Lima and Condorcocha (Tarma), with a focus on:

Social Infrastructure
We support the community by donating cement for the performance of community infrastructure works, working together with local authorities, leaders, and the neighbors.

We strive to improve the surroundings of the communities of South Lima in a participative, sustainable manner.


We promote healthy lifestyles and habits among families, in alliance with community organizations, community agents, and the health
establishments of South Lima.


We help improve the individual and collective abilities of children, youths, and senior citizens, providing incentive for their artistic, personal, entrepreneurial, and social development.

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